Women’s 6 Pairs Knee High Wool Boot Socks Leg Warmer HR158121 Size 7-9 5 Colors


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Perfect for cold weather! Our stylish over knee high/thigh high wool socks will be sure to complement your boots Wool can absorb more than thirty percent of its weight in moisture, so they’ll keep you warm and comfortable even when soaked A variety of colors Will stay on and can fold down Thick and durable
Warning: Socks bought from Lian Lifestyle are authentic. We cannot guarantee the quality of socks from other stores. Make sure when you purchase Lian Lifestyle socks, purchase them from Lian Lifestyle store only. 2016MULTIPLE COLORS: Wine, Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Beige and Navy
STYLE: Casual or formal dressing knee-high/thigh-high wool socks with medium thickness. Soft, comfortable and cozy over knee wool socks for all seasons!
PERFECT MATCH for lady’s mid-calf dress boots or heels with several colors to choose from!
ELASTIC SIZE: One Size US 5~9 / UK 2.5~7 / EU 35~39 /, length from toe to the heel: 7″, stretchable to 9″; height from heel to calf with top portion folded down: 14-16″; Height from the heel to top of calf with top portion unfolded: 17″, stretchable to 18″.
AUTHENTIC Lian LifeStyle Socks are shipped from Virginia USA only and arrive in US addresses in 3 to 5 days! Lian LifeStyle is a professional high quality apparel producer and seller who is committed to provide you with the best clothing products. We offer best warranty possible in the market: non question asked return policy for any reason because we want you to come back for more products that we are adding to the market every month and be satisfied with our products and services!

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