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Q: Are you still looking for a special gift for her?

A: Our Handmade Preserved Roses, a never withered rose symbolizes her eternal blooming, freezing age and beauty forever, a special present to show your love,
aprreciation, respect, blessing, caring, friendship, etc, will be your best choice. It is an attractive and impressed gift for women, she is always the captive of roses.

The preserved rose is 100% natural fresh plants picked, handmade fresh flower rose. Our fresh real rose was made to eternal life through chemical raw materials, no toxic
ingredients, environmental friendly. As roses grow naturally, the size and shape of each rose is different.

Produce procedure: Pick, dehydrate, decolorize, dry, dye. It is like a real flower on color, character, feel. And it can have more colors and usages to dye per your likes.
Our preserved fresh flower can stay for 3-5 years, not withering.

How to protect the preserved flower:

If the rose is covered with dust, please use blower (cold light wind) to blow the dust at the distance of 20cm, do not wash it with water. Flowers will absorb water and become
humid in over-humid area and season. If humid and unventilated, it will get mildewed, ventilate and shine. If your clothing gets tainted from flowers, just wash it with soap.
It will be dry on dry weather such as fall and winter, but will recover when the weather become humid. Please do not put it near air conditioner or vent.

Enjoy our 100% Satisfication Guarantee: When you buy the preserved rose in our shop, if you are not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days for a hassle-free full refund,
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🎁 Preserved roses is symbol of forever love, appreciation, caring; unique gift for whom you love: woman, mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, wife, daughter, her, girls, girlfriend, fiancee, etc. Our rose flowers is also great as Valentines day gifts, Mothers day gifts, thanksgiving gifts, gifts for Women, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts for women, romantic gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for mom, party gifts, birthday gifts for women.
🎁 Impressed Package – The rose shaped pewter holder and the retro design outer gift box make the never withered roses as a beautiful luxurious present. The outer gift box is twined with red ribbon, it is also could be used as jewelry box, ring box, exquisite gift.
🎁 Preserved flower is made of natural rose with unique preservation process. People call it ” never withered flower ” and ” eternal flower “. Handmade preserved roses is different from natural flowers as like their name: keep fresh, eternal flowers takes high technique and environmental chemicals to make, lasting 3 – 5 years without watering and daily conservation, just by keeping them clean and in a normal environment.
🎁 Our preserved fresh flower are famous from their bright colors, and good characters to their petals touch. Various colors for you to choose as per your preference, both of them are beautiful for you to send them as gifts or decorate your home and office.
🎁 Everlasting rose is very delicate, please do not put outside, do not touch a lot, no sunshine, no water. If dirt, use hair dryer blowing cold, dust will be blown away. In indoor humidity, don’t expose to air for long time; Make it a longer life in the dry environment. Order with confidence: Please contact us if you have any inquiry or issue about the preserved rose flower, a satisfactory solution answer will make for you within 24 hours.

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