UMODE Vintage Style Genuine Leather Large Capacity Wallet Organizer for Women (Green Color)


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Brand Name:UMODE
Gift/Daily wearing/Office
UMODE Story:
Leather is always an attraction when it calls for having trendsetting stuff, and leather fashion is all about being in style with what is in trend especially when it comes to going for wallets. In the present market, many fashion brands are engaged in the production of wallets, but among these, UMODE has emerged as one of the leading brands in the field of manufacturing wallets. Fashion brand UMODE has earned the trust of millions of people by delivering high-quality wallets in trendy as well as classic style for the style conscious people. UMODE is manufactured using best leather, involving expert craftsmanship and the use of advanced technology. The wallet gives you a suitable accessory to organize all your stuff conveniently and securely. It also serves the purpose of giving an exclusive gift to your loved ones on any special days.

Wallet caring: Read the care instructions carefully to avoid no recommended cleaner being use on the leather
2. Empty out your wallet. Pull out everything (including pictures and photos) and set it aside.
3. Wipe out dust over wallet. (If you want make it completely clean and safe, you can wipe down your entire wallet with anti bacterial disinfectant wipes.)
4.Apply leather cleaner on a soft cloth and rub down your wallet. Make sure to scrub the folds and cracks of your wallet the best that you can.
5. Apply a leather conditioner (shoe polish, olive oil, beeswax or walnut oil ? using the same cloth on the wallet liberally in order to soak the leather.
6. After your wallet has completely dried, replace all of your credit cards, cash, photos, and so on.1. UNIQUE VINTAGE DESIGN——Quality leather wallet decorated with antique sun flower snap. Small holes are along with white stitch. It looks elegant and adorable, and every wallet come with a gift box.
2.LARGE CAPACITY WALLET—— 1 zipper pocket with 1 compartment for change/phones/check. 4 full-length bill compartments for cash/bills/notes. PLS see the pictures.
3. 25 CARD HOLDERS——25 card slots, 2 transparent slot for photo/ID card/driver’s¬†license.
4. SAFE SNAP+WRIST STRAP——sun flower snap is safer avoiding open carelessly. You can hang it with wrist strap for efficient when you carry and avoid losing.
5. UMODE GUARANTEEE—— 30-days money back guarantee for any reason. For 1 year after the date of purchase, we take care of all quality issue with replacement or refund ONLY for bought from UMODE

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