The Weather Station Pullover Adult Poncho with Wide Coverage and Carrying Case

full sleeve

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Getting ready for a vacation or a morning hike, you have all of your gear ready to go. Unfortunately, the first thing you notice is the rain pouring down. There is no way you worked so long to get ready just to have everything ruined. You need a way to protect yourself from the rain so you donÕt need to cancel your plans.

Even if you have a full raincoat available, you need a poncho with a hood to truly protect you from the downpour. The durable construction lasts through each and every storm and lets you walk from one place to the next with no rain ruining your hard work. Make sure you order enough of these ponchos to cover your hair and others that live in your home, preventing them from frizzy hair after the storm. Available in multiple colors, add this protective gear to your accessories and make sure your hair lasts the whole rainy day without being ruined.MESUREMENTS: 38 inches width x 48 inches height.
FULL CUT: With the wide and versatile design, this poncho is made to fit adults of all sizes!
EASY TO WEAR: With lightweight fabric for ease and comfort, you don’t have to worry about a heavy layer with the rain pouring down.
COMPACT: This convenient umbrella comes with handy carrying sleeve for easy storage.
SIDE SNAPS: This poncho snaps in place to keep poncho secure and in place whether you’re at work or at play.

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