STH Couple wear Costume Women/Men’s Tudor Elizabethan Walter Raleigh Costume/Headdress-W XS

halloween couple costume

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Material: satin and polyester blend.
Due to the difference in size for men and women, please refer to the specific size on the description, select the suitable size and email us.
Quite a classic Tudor costume. Men’s suits include hats, tops and pants. Women’s skirts have pleats on the sleeves and waist, highlighting femininity.
This Medieval Retro costume is suitable for a pirate, cyberpunk, Goth, punk, pencil skirt, homecoming dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dresses or Vintage masquerade party.
This suit is a couple style, with the same fabric and color.BUT IF YOU ORDER ONE,YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE PIECE.

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