SOI+ Handbag Light. Rechargeable Handbag Accessory with USB Power Bank, 500mAh (Black)


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For those who have ever lost a lip gloss, keys, coins or even their phone to the depths of your handbag: SOI+ is the device for you. An innovative touch lamp that illuminates to help you find what you’re looking for – even in a cluttered bag. Make life easier and find what you need without holding up lines at the cash register looking for cash or loyalty cards. The possibilities are almost endless for the SOI+ and it is not limited to only being a purse light. Wherever you go, keep your light handy. And with its integrated power bank, the SOI+ also acts as an emergency portable charger. Keep your smartphone or other devices charged and ready for action with this handy functionality. According to recent studies, the average woman spends 76 days of her life searching in her bag. SOI+ allows you to make better use of this otherwise lost time.ALWAYS FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR – Locating keys, cards, coins, hair ties and chapsticks has never been easier. Track down items in your handbag quickly and easily with the SOI+ purse light, the number one handbag accessory. Stop searching, and start finding!
EASY OPERATION – A light tap will turn your SOI+ personal light on, without the need for any buttons or switches. Simply recharge with a USB cable when you need to restore the rechargeable batteries.
INTEGRATED POWER BANK – Your SOI+ light can provide a life-saving charge for your electronic devices when needed. The 2,000mAh SOI light can provide a full charge for a smartphone, whilst our 500mAh gives your device a 25% boost.
ENERGY SAVING – Once the SOI+ bag light is activated, it will remain illuminated for 10 seconds before turning off automatically. Each SOI+ comes with rechargeable batteries, which makes it the sustainable option you’ve been looking for.
A USEFUL COMPANION – Designed to fit in your handbag, the SOI+ is worth packing whenever you are camping or traveling. At less than 3 x 3 inches (7 x 7 cm), it can fit almost anywhere and will always come in handy.

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