Rugged Andes Trading Company 100% Alpaca Wool Cape with Fur Trim (Black)

winter fashion

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NATURAL ☼ This article is woven of nothing but pure baby alpaca wool and fur and is not blended with any artificial or lower-cost materials.
TOP QUALITY ☼ Alpaca wool is warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool, durable, hypoallergenic, and wrinkle and odor resistant. Baby alpaca wool is an extra-fine grade comparable in fineness to cashmere. The weave is especially tight to block wind and the fabric is brushed for a luxury texture.
GENTLE ☼ Alpaca fiber does not pick or scratch like the wool of other animals and is appropriate for use by babies and those with sensitive skin. The trim is of real alpaca fur and is incredibly plush and soft.
AUTHENTIC ☼ This article was crafted by hand in South America and every purchase supports families of artisans living in the Andes mountains.
ETHICAL ☼ No animals were harmed during the manufacture of this product and the item was crafted under fair conditions. All fur was collected from animals that expire of natural causes.

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