RipSkirt Hawaii – Original Length – Swimwear and Athletic Wrap Cover Up Skirt

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Good or bad, sometimes you need a little coverage. RipSkirt Hawaii is the active woman’s skirt. If you’re self-conscious and feeling over-exposed in a bathing suit or athletic tights, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. RipSkirt is a water shedding, quick wrap, all sports cover-up that multi-tasks as the ideal summer skirt. It takes you straight from the beach to the bistro! I put everything I wanted but couldn’t find in my skirts. Water resistant fabric that doesn’t leave you with wet bum marks, an interior cash/card flat pocket, quick wrap closures and a fabric that is lightweight and dries quickly if soaked. Most importantly the fabric is not clingy. It is the ideal beach, vacation and summer accessory. Take it on a cruise, to a resort or wear it year round over your yoga pants. I really appreciate your interest and support! Mahalo from Maui, Alecia *Now Also Available in a New 3.75″ longer length version- search RipSkirt Hawaii Style2 in amazon**This model is our shorter Original length RipSkirt for our 3.75″ longer length version search RipSkirt Hawaii Style 2 in Amazon**
It takes you straight from the beach to the bistro! Bum flattering kick pleat on backside, flat interior key/card/pocket
4 way stretch, quick dry, modern surf short material, lightweight with great drape but not clingy. Covers cellulite area
Quick wrap closure allows you to put on the skirt without bending over or sticking wet sandy feet through your skirt, No more wet bum marks!
Length (Top waistband to bottom of hem) XL 16.5″ L 16.5″ M 16″ S 15.5″ XS 14.75″

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