Parker Square Secret Night Box Light up LED, the World’s Best Engagement Ring Box

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The Secret – Night Box is a revolutionary flat engagement ring box designed to help hide your engagement ring until the perfect moment. It’s unique design, LED light and rising ring platform enhances the presentation of the ring. Every feature was obsessively perfected and here is the thought process from the inventors: flatness – The most important feature in a surprise proposal is flatness and therefore concealability. We were able to maximize flatness by designing the box around the narrowest possible dimension of the ring. Size – If the box was too big, it would detract from concealability. If the box was too small, it would feel like a toy and diminish the importance of the moment. We feel that we have landed on a size that still feels substantial in the hand yet remains easy to conceal. Led light – Our Night Box comes with an LED light for when your diamonds need a little extra shine in dark romantic settings. Rising platform – Diamonds and other gemstones sparkle by catching light and reflecting it into our eyes. To “sparkle” there needs to be light and movement. Our ring holder raises the ring as you open the box and enhances the brilliance and scintillation of your diamond. Color – While easy to overlook, the color and texture of the background to your ring plays an important role. Diamonds and many gemstones look the best within a narrow range of blue hues. In addition to the perfect color, we used a special matte backdrop that allows your ring to shine without distractions. Picture frame – The frame inside the top of the box allows you to add your picture or a special message to really personalize your delivery. Durability -Most boxes feel disposable and seem to be made as an afterthought. Our box is constructed with genuine full grain leather for maximum durability. Think of your favorite leather wallet our boxes are designed to wear just like it. Most ladies use our box as their go to travel case after the proposal.Super slim engagement ring box perfect for surprise proposals or travel
Handcrafted from full-grain leather and embedded with a magnetic closure
LED light and rising ring platform give your diamond maximum sparkle
Add a photo or message inside the top frame to personalize your delivery
Accommodates up to a 13mm diamond

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