Oakley Square O Hard Sunglass Case – Graphite


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Oakley SQUARE O Headliner Graphic Case

The world’s best optics deserve respect. Don’t just stow them in any old case. The SQUARE O GRAPHITE HARD CASE is a portable bunker for your Oakley sunglasses. Oakley crafted it with a soft lining and gave the hard-shell exterior a clean look that earns our Square O icon, the emblem of pure and uncomplicated style our sports pros take to the street.

This case fits any of the following Oakley eyewear:

Eye Patch, Felon, Fives, Fives 2.0, Fives 3.0, Fives Squared, Frogskins, Fuel Cell, Gascan, Gascan S, Half Wire, Halfwire 2.0, Hijinx, Inmate, Oakley Jupiter, Oakley Jupiter LX, Minute, Minute 2.0, Monster Dog, Monster Pup, Montefrio, Oil Drum, Oil Rig, Riddle, Sideways, Spike, Splinter, Square Whisker, Square Wire 2.0, Straight Jacket (2007 edition), Ti Square Whisker, Ti Whisker, Tight Rope, Oakley XX, Twitch, Valve, Warden, Whisker, Why 8.2, Zero, or Zero S.
Square O Eyewear Case

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