HDE Women’s Green and White Striped Socks Over Knee High Extra Long Stockings

halloween 2016

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You’re a free-minded, independent person. You think fun, silly, and sexy aren’t mutually exclusive, and you want your clothing to reflect this. For you, a pair of striped stockings aren’t just something cute to keep your feet warm in the winter, they’re a fashion statement to the world that says, “Hey, look at me and my awesome style!” Made from soft and comfortable poly-cotton blends, these stockings are the perfect accessory to compliment a scantily short skirt or pair of shorts, or even just a pair of socks to keep you comfortable beneath your other clothing.Add some color to your wardrobe with a pair of fashionably cute and sexy thigh-high striped stockings
Poly-cotton blend is both soft and breathable; Perfect accessory to pair with your favorite winter boots
Stockings are thick and comfortable to keep you warm all year round
Great Halloween costume & cosplay accessory | Represent your favorite sports team by sporting their colors
SIZE UPDATED FEB 8 2016 |Length: Knee High: 20″ (50 cm)

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