Edelnice Trachtenmode Bavarian Women’s Designer Midi Dirndl Amalie Dress 2-Pieces + Apron Size US2-US22 (40 US10)


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Wonderfully playful and at the same time very feminine and elegant is our enchanting Dirndl Amalie.
Our Amalie is made of a soft and slightly falling beige-golden Jaquarstoff, which is decorated with small scattered flowers in lilac and rose.
What immediately catches the eye is the elaborately crafted, double-laid satin border, which harmonises perfectly with the color of the fabric and your fine piping and makes the heart cutout of the top part look really good. As a crowning glory, the dirndl top is also adorned with an elegant clasp, which also skilfully conceals the zipper.
Another highlight is the dirndl apron: The delicate apron embroidered by hand with pearls and sequins was lined with a soft rosé-colored fabric which makes the lace look particularly elegant and noble
Included in delivery are the dirndl dress and the dirndl apron.

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