Cosplay Splicer Bunny Mask from Bioshock


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This is a mask worn by some of the splicers in the hit video game Bioshock. A great deal of care has been taken to ensure that this is as accurate as possible to the game, using extracted models from every Bioshock game (Bioshock/Bioshock 2/Burial at Sea) as a reference when digitally sculpting to make sure that this is the perfect Bioshock mask. Each mask comes in plain white and is easy to paint, airbrush, or use oil markers to get the look that’s just right for your cosplay experience. This is a 3D Printed mask that has been sliced dozens of times to perfection. We then hand sand all masks and strap on elastic headbands in the back. 18 Inches tall. Each mask comes unpainted and solid white. Painting the trim is simple! 2 hours by brush or 30 minutes by oil markers. Once you’ve customized your look and style, use a Krylon Clear Coat to make it really stand out and shine.

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