Chemo Beanies ® Navy Floral Pleated Knit


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The original Chemo Beanie designed by women in treatment for medical hair loss. Chemo Beanies is a family business founded out of love and necessity when two sisters were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The negative experience one sister had trying to find head covers during treatment, translated into coming up with a solution to ease the burden for her older sister when she was diagnosed 5 years later. The immediate reaction from other patients who saw them inspired the family to launch Chemo Beanies, so that every women who is in the midst of this major health crisis, can stop worrying about the additional problem of covering their bald head. We knew exactly what we wanted – a comfortable, effortless, stylish head cover we could pop on our head and go without a fuss…or even a mirror. Our Chemo Beanies have a great fit with the perfect amount of feminine flare. The unique bunching and neck ruffle in the back, provide volume and full coverage to the bare neck, while remaining highly fashionable and easy to slip on. We have chosen only the softest materials with the perfect amount of stretch to naturally adjust for a secure fit on any size head. We personally know the issues women deal with when battling this disease, and we believe our product will make life a little easier, by providing fashionable, comfortable head wear to keep you on the go. It is so important to focus on getting better and staying positive, and we designed Chemo Beanies knowing how difficult it is to worry about your outward appearance when you are simply trying to focus on your health. We think you’ll find something here that suits your own style, and we guarantee you’ll love how they feel and look!The original Chemo Beanie , designed by women in treatment for medical hair loss.
Our mission is to help women with their self-esteem during chemo by providing a great product.
Comfortable, functional and fashionable head covers. Secure fit with ruffle over nape of the neck.
Caps slip on & off with ease with unique stretch-to-fit design. Look Good, Feel Better.
Made in the USA! Machine wash cold. Lay hat flat to dry. 98% Polyester 2% Spandex.

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