Beautybatik Sleeveless Batik Caftan Summer Tank Dress Cover Up Plus Size

bikini cover up

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This is a gorgeous tunic dress with hand block batik motif. It flares wide at bottom hem and sew with side inner pockets. Made of 100% first grade rayon. The material is butterly soft and drapes well, perfect for lounging around or as cover up.

Material : 100% First Grade Rayon
Condition : New
Laundry Care : Hand wash separately with cold water. Hang to dry.
Notes : –

Actual Garment Measurement
Bust : 52 inch / 132cm
Waist : Free
Hip : Free
Length : 39 inch / 100cm
Bottom Hem : 96 inch / 244cm
Armhole : 24 inch / 61cm

Body Fit Suggestion

Usually fit plus size 3X or US 22W or UK & AU 22. Please check garment measurement to be sure.
100% First Grade Thick Rayon.
Stunning tunic dress with blocked batik motifs, hand made by batik artist.
Nicely drape loose fitting Sleeveless tunic dress with Flared Hem
Great as a lounger, casual wear or as cover up.
Fit plus size US 3X or UK 22

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