60 MPH Windproof Umbrellas Various Colors “Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program” Auto Close Auto Open Compact Travel Umbrella Doesn’t Break If Flipped Inside Out, Customer Service Supported Product


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The basic shape of any umbrella is concave and acts as a wind catch. Proprietary reverse action relief joints allow the Memory Flex frame to redistribute extreme wind force by intentionally flipping the umbrella inside out to relieve tension moving the umbrella into a new shape. With a simple outward movement the umbrella is easily flipped back to its original concave shape. This is what is meant by windproof.


-LONG LASTING RELIABILITY: Guaranteed for life (6000 opens) we replace it if there is a problem

-WINDPROOF MAXIMUM DURABILITY: Rated for high winds will not break or tear under 60+ MPH winds

-HEAVY DUTY CANOPY: Abrasion resistant, mold resistant and water repellent build to manage any condition


Keep your hair looking good, your clothes dry and always arrive at any event with the style you intended with quick entry way transitions.


-QUICK AND EASY DOORWAY ENTRY: Avoid getting wet with fast auto open/close one button canopy

-SINGLE HANDED OPERATION: No need to juggle the items you are carrying to open and close the umbrella

-TAKE ANYWHERE: The full size canopy reduces to a compact 10.9 inches


-In The Car, RV, Or Boat

-School Book Bag, Bus Stop

-Outside Work, Gardening

-Baby Stroller, Diaper Bag

-Hiking, Camping, Hunting

-Business Brief Case, Laptop Bag

-Luggage, Business & Vacation Travel

-Lightweight Kids Can Use

-Covers 2 Adults Comfortably

-As a Gift You Can’t Go Wrong With An Umbrella It Will Get Used

☂HEAVY DUTY RATED FOR EXTREME 60MPH WINDS☂ Discover Resilient Flex Memory Frame Technology. Most Umbrellas Are Destroyed When They Are Flipped Inside Out. Crown Coast Umbrellas Are Different. If The Canopy Does Flip Inside Out The Frame Simply Bounces Back Unbroken To Its Normal Shape Time After Time. The Wind Tunnel Tested Canopy Is Tough Enough to Endure 60 MPH Gusts. Durability Certified For 6,000 Canopy Openings Provides Long Term Reliability You Can Count On.
☂GUARANTEED LIFETIME REPLACEMENT PROGRAM☂ When You Purchase a Crown Coast Umbrella Your Order Is Automatically Included In The Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program. If Your Umbrella Becomes Worn Out Over Time, Breaks Or Is Defective We Will Replace It For Free, We GUARANTEE That To You. We Also Offer A Zero Risk Refund Policy If You’re Simply Not Pleased With Your Purchase You Will Receive a 100% Refund. (To See The Guarantee And Zero Risk Refund Policy Scroll Down On This Page To The SPECIAL OFFERS AND PRODUCT PROMOTIONS SECTION Below)
☂CONVENIENT AUTO CLOSE AUTO OPEN CANOPY☂ Many Umbrellas Auto Open But Very Few Auto Close. Crown Coast Umbrellas Do Both. Auto Close Collapses The Canopy And Is Handy For Quick Entry Out Of The Rain Into a Car, Building Or Tent. Auto Open Has A Fast Opening Action That Gives Instant Protection From Rain. The Other Advantage Is That You Can Open And Close The Umbrella With One Hand Because It Activates At The Press Of a Single Button On the Handle. This Makes Carrying Items With Your Other Hand Easy.
☂UMBRELLA SPECIFICATIONS☂ 37 Inch Wide Diameter Canopy. 19 Inch Telescopic Tower. Low Tension Spring For Easy Closing Of The Telescopic Tower Handle From Open To Closed Compact Position. 100% Polyester Canopy, A Non-Absorbent Synthetic Polymer That’s Water Repellent, Abrasion Resistant, Mold And Mildew Resistant. Treated With An Anti-Corrosion Layer The Stainless Steel Frame Will Not Rust. A Single Open/Close Button Set In a Stylish Pliable Non-Slip Rubber Comfort Grip Handle. Wristlet Strap to Wrap Around Your Wrist For Easy Carrying. The Umbrella Reduces To 10.9 Inches In Compact Position And Comes With A Storage Sleeve.
☂BEST IN CATEGORY WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE☂ Once You Order a Crown Coast Umbrella Our Customer Service Goes Into Effect. We Send You A PDF Guide On How Contact Us Or Any Other Vendor On Amazon. (Surprisingly, It can be complicated, we make it easy for you). The Guide Explains How To Get The Best Results From Your Crown Coast Umbrella. A Deticated Customer Service Professional Will Respond To Any Inquires In 24 Hours Or Less To Answer Any Questions, Honor Guarantee Fulfillment Or Honor Our Refund Policy. Message Us We Want To Know What You Think.

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