14k Gold Tri-Color Triple Hoop Earrings (1″ Diameter)


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The Duragold 14k Tri-Color Triple Oval Hoop Earrings unveil brilliant metallic shine with their unique contrasting finish. Three ribbon-like hoops in yellow-gold, white-gold and copper reveal a unique triple-oval earring shape. Securely staying in place with click-top closures, this pair contains the same quality gold material used with all Duragold jewelry. With its tri-tone effect, these earrings are a fine match with jewelry of any metallic finish.Triple-hoop earrings with layered, twisted bands in teardrop silhouettes
Click-top backings
Duragold is the threshold of karat gold jewelry, lustrous in 14k yellow or white gold.
Duragold jewelry is constructed with a unique and patented alloy resisting denting and scratching, and its hypoallergenic quality is especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

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