Rivacci Classic 80s Designer Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses Polarized for Men Women


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Rivacci – Feel Good, Look Good – Simple as That!

We sell glasses with an Italian name. No, we’re not from Italy … but we like pizza and sunglasses of course!

Actually, our sunglasses are designed by a French guy who grew up all his childhood watching his grandfather and later on uncle creating glasses frames in their small workshop.
He now designs his own models, making sure they are as comfortable as possible and at the same time affordable so anyone could buy them.

Rivacci sunglasses are light, comfortable and polarized
this is why they have the power to go through a skydiving jump but also the lightness and the comfy feeling of a sunny summer day.

A big kudos to the guys who got us a review on Amazon, we love you guys!
Our wayfarer sunglasses have become what they are today thanks to our clients’ feedback.
When HoboRe says “I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these bad boys.” as a small family business this means so much!

That’s why a Lifetime Guarantee comes with every pair.
We offer top-notch customer support, available at any time in case you have any issues or sugestions.
Just write to us at rivacci(at)shopizi.zendesk.com and we’ll happy to help you out.

Now all you have to do is find your favorite pair. Men and women alike, whether you’re into driving, fishing, baseball, golf, if you love this classic retro looks or if you’re a Kurt Cobain nostalgic, a fancy motorcycle rider or a traditional clubmaster lover – all could use the benefits of the polarizing effect.

We encourage you do aim high and live a healthy & full of adrenaline life.
Admire the colorful gradients, watch the sunshine then go chase the mythical horned beast or whatever.

Buy Now a Premium Product at a Standard Price Anyone can Afford, UVA and UVB free!POLARIZED HD VISION SUNGLASSES BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO SEE YOUR NEPHEWS WHEN YOU’LL BE 60! We make them as comfortable as possible, really light at a standard price anyone can afford. Who says staying healthy and looking fantastic have to be expensive?
SAME BONUSES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. NO, YOU WON’T GET A RAISE OR A PUPPY… but a nice packaging (perfect for a gift), a simili leather case, and a soft microfiber cleaning cloth. we could go on and on about how cool we are or bragging about the 0,00…1 something donations we make from our profit. but we won’t do that! we are sick of advertising too.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON AMAZON, keeping up with the factories is a bit like the kardashians, there’s good and bad days, this is why our staff are very serious about customer support or else they will be fired. Sorry, guys…customers first! If you have any issue, just write to us at rivacci(at)shopizi.zendesk.com or even on Facebook we are here to help you!
NOW HERE’S THE PART WHERE WE INCLUDE ALL THE POSSIBLE SEARCH TERMS, SO YOU CAN FIND RIVACCI WHEN YOU GOOGLE “COOL SUNGLASSES”, or whatever. This is boring stuff. We don’t advise you to read this. Unless you are really lonely. Then maybe you can find something new…about glasses, though: 80s amazon best case celebrities cheap clubmaster designer discount driving fancy fashion fishing girls gradient horned rim man’s men men’s mens motorcycle online polarized polarizing revo soft sunglasses

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